|APOMNP| Lowest -roll picks first

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|APOMNP| Lowest -roll picks first between Queen of Pain / Windrunner / Puck only.


- Item Restriction:


- No Raindrop

- No Bottle

- No Flying Courier

- No Tranquil Boot

- No Hood of Defiance / Pipe

- No Vanguard / Abyssal Blade

- No Eul's Scepter of Divinity

- No Mekansm / Guardian Greaves

- No Armlet of Mordiggian

- No Blademail

- No Aether Lens / No Dagon

- No Dagger / NO Force Stuff

✖ - No Tome of Knowledge

- Roshan is allowed.

- Blocking creeps is allowed.

If you purchase any item from those listed above, you will be DISQUALIFIED. Breaking or selling item will not help you.


In-game Rules and Regulations

- In SD mode, both player have to type -roll. The lowest roll have to choose his/her hero first.

- The sentinel player must type -noneutrals at the start of the game  - [Farming neutral creeps is not allowed]

- Pause is allowed ( 1min maximum pause ) You must inform your opponent before pausing and before resuming the game.

- Farming neutral creeps is not allowed.

- You are not allowed to any bug issued form the game.

- The first player who get 3 kills or destroy 2 towers will be the winner. Or the player who use !ff will be the loser.

- Disconnection before first blood or before 5 mins of the game is not counted and the game will be remade.

- You must ask your opponent first before using !latency command Or You Must Back it to 80 


冠军: •[N]eo[S]taR
有价值对手: DaNGeR.eLiTe


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